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Online Casino Money Management


Bankroll/money management is the most important skill that a gambler can develop for success at an online casino. A gambler with average playing ability and knowledge of any game but also with superior money management skills will last longer and have a far greater chance of success than an online casino gambler with a high level of expertise at whatever game he plays at but without that money management skill.

The first step towards effective online casino bankroll management is to define what exactly a gambling bankroll is. Ideally an online casino gambling bankroll is made up of money that is left over AFTER a gambler’s day-to-day living expenses have been met. This means that the daily living expense money for such items as mortgage/rent, car, food, insurance, etc. are to not be used for gambling. Players that tap into day-to-day living expense money are degenerate losers.

Once you have established your online casino gambling bankroll amount you next want to break that down into segments or sections that account for a gambling session. For example if you play at an online casino every day you should ideally divide your bankroll by thirty, to account for each day of the month. If that is not possible then at least divide your bankroll by seven, to account for each day of the week.

From there, it is important to develop expertise at how much to bet for each individual wager that is made and to learn to play conservatively and stretch out your bankroll to maximize its potential and to protect it from unnecessary risk.


Posted: May 7, 2007


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