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Online Casino Discipline


Discipline, along with money management, is the twin pillars of success in any form of gambling but particularly with online casino gambling. Due to the easy convenience and high pace of online casino gambling, a player that lacks discipline and money management skills will be bone dry of cash in short order.

Maintaining discipline, far more than skill and expertise of a particular game of chance, is the greatest challenge one will face at an online casino. Far too many gamblers act like an alcoholic bartender when they visit an online casino as they cannot resist going berserk and on a binge, sitting for hours clicking their computer mouse and throwing money away.

A major part of developing online casino gambling discipline is learning how to set both win and loss limits. When a gambler is winning and has his bankroll in the black it is of paramount importance for him to understand that it is not a license for recklessness but instead a time to pocket a good chunk of those winnings. The attitude that gambling profits are the “house’s money” is the attitude of an ignorant loser. Any winnings are YOUR winnings and should be valued as such.

By the same token there will be online casino gambling sessions in which NOTHING goes your way. It takes a special kind of discipline to simply walk away on such days and to not chase losses. Money that is thrown away chasing losses is money that you will never get back and money that could have been better employed on a brighter day. In other words, don’t waste bullets when the battle is lost; keep your eye on the overall long term war.


Posted: May 7, 2007


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