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Let’s face it, gambling is not just an activity but, more importantly, it’s a way of life with its own language/jargon/vernacular. With that in mind, if you are new, or even a veteran, you may occasionally hear words or terms that are puzzling as the language of gambling is in constant evolution, much like the online casino gambling industry itself. Let’s take a look at the wonderful world of online casino gambling jargon from “A-Z.”


ACTION -is simply the act of gambling itself. It can also refer to the amount of money wagered. If a gambler says that he has #action” that means he is gambling.


AGGREGATE LIMIT -is the total payout of an online casino during any one game.


AGGREGATE WINNINGS -are simply the amount won in accumulated total.


ARM -This is a legendary term used in craps for a player known for winning consistently when shooting/throwing the dice.


BANKER -Also known as the dealer -in card games.


BANKROLL -Also known as the “roll” or the “wad” a bankroll is the amount of money that a gambler has available for betting at an online casino.


BARRED/BANNED -Also known as “black booked” this is a term for a person that is not allowed into a casino.


BETTING LIMIT -is the minimum or maximum amount allowed to be wagered at a gaming table. Once the limits are established the wager amounts must stay within those limits although a casino will consider altering the limits at the request of a player.


BUCK -is a bet of $100.


CALL -is a poker term that means to match the bet that is on the able at that time.


CAMOUFLAGE -is a term used to describe a skilled gambler that will alter his behavior, betting patterns, and overall strategy to prevent an online casino or competitors from being able to predict his bets/moves. This can range from changing identity or even acting drunk!


CASE MONEY -is money that a gambler keeps separate from his normal gambling bankroll and is to be used for emergencies after the actual designated bankroll runs dry and is lost.


CHASE/CHASING -is the term for a gambler that is on a losing streak and is trying to get those losses back. Also known as “TILT” chasing, more often than not, makes matters worse and increases a gambler’s losses as gamblers that are “chasing” are more desperate and make lower percentage bets.


COAT TAIL -is to bet after a gambler that is on a hot/winning streak.


COMPS -are complimentary gifts given by a casino in order to entice players to gamble. Online casino comps often come in the form of extra play time, which helps stretch a gambling bankroll and is one of the reasons why online casino gambling gives a gambler more bang for his buck.


DIME -is a bet in the amount of $1,000 and “DOLLAR” is a bet of $100.


DOUBLE UP -is simply the act of betting double the amount after a loss, such as a gambler betting $200 on the next wager after losing $100 on the previous one.


EVEN MONEY BET -is a bet in which the odds are one-to-one with no edge for either side, the house, or the player. This means that a dollar bet will win a straight dollar.


EXPECTED WIN RATE -is a term for slot machines that defines the percentage that a player can expect to win back based on a certain amount of playtime. Online casino slots offer superior expected win rates in comparison to on-site/in-person casino slots.


FIRING -is simply heavy betting. When a player is making a lot of big bets or betting big repeatedly he is “firing away.”


FISH -is a poorly skilled losing player. The old gambling adage is that if you cannot spot the fish at the table, then YOU are the fish!


FRONT MONEY -is money that is put up front by a gambler in order to pre-establish a gambling bankroll. This is a primary way of operation for an online casino.


HARD WAY -is a craps term for a bet in which not only do you have to pick the right number of the dice roll but it also must be matching numbers. For example a pair of two’s making a four is a four the “hard way.”


HOT -is a player on a big winning streak. Obviously, a gambler always longs to be “hot.”


HIGH ROLLER -is a gambler that makes huge bets, also known as a “Big Time Gambler” and “whale.”


HOUSE -is a casino. The online casino that you currently gamble at is the “house.”


HOUSE EDGE -is the percentage advantage that the online casino holds for profit as they offer less than even money bets for that house edge.


JUICE -is the commission money or “house edge -taken by an online casino. “Juice” is made from the house offering bets at less than even money.


LAY THE ODDS -means betting on the favorite, or betting more than $1 to win $1.


MARTINGALE -is a betting system in which a gambler doubles his bet after each loss.


ODDS -are the ratio of probability. Both gamblers and the online casino must figure and calculate odds to make the best possible decisions.


PRESS A BET -is another term for “letting it ride” as a gambler will add more money out of his bankroll to winnings for his next wager.


PROGRESSION BETTING -is a wagering system in which the size of the bet is changed up or down based on a predetermined formula.


PROGRESSIVE SLOTS -are slots that payoff at increased jackpots related to increased coins used. The more coins bet, the higher the payout odds.


PUSH -is a tie bet.


RAKE is a poker term that is the amount that an online casino charges for each hand played that is normally a percentage ranging from five to ten percent.


SCARED MONEY -is money in a gambling bankroll that a player cannot afford to lose. Playing scared or with “scared money” nearly always alters a gambler’s strategy, usually for the worse.


SESSION -is a period of time spent gambling at a table.


SHARK -is a person that pretends to be an inexperienced or unskilled loser, (AKA “fish”), but is actually a highly skilled and dangerous player.
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TAKING THE ODDS -is a player betting less than the amount that he will receive if he wins the bet, which is another way of saying that he is betting on the underdog or against the favorite.


TAPPED OUT -is when a player has blown/lost his entire gambling bankroll and has nothing left to gamble with.


TELL PLAY -is when a player is giving off unintentional signals to his competitors who then bet based on those “tells.”


TOURNAMENT -is a competition game between a group of gamblers over a set period of time. There are online casino tournaments for slots, and of course, the ever-popular poker tournaments. Tournament play at online casino poker rooms is a worldwide craze.


Tournaments are popular because a player can win big money, $500 for example, for a small buy in of $30 or so. This makes tournament play far more economical for a gambler than does a cash game.


TRUE ODDS -are the real and actual mathematical probabilities of something happening in comparison to the online casino or house edge.


VIG/VIGORISH -is the profit money of an online casino that they make from their “house edge.” This is also known as the commission money of the online casino.


WHALE -is also known as a “Big Time Gambler” as a “whale” will make enormous bets and get VIP treatment and comps from an online casino.


WHITE MEAT -is a nice term for what all gamblers love most, a profit!


Posted: November 7, 2007


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