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Live Baccarat at the Online Casino


If you are a serious gambler at the online casino then you should already know that baccarat is a great game to play. The house edge is low and you can get on a good streak and win money. Did you also know that many casinos including InterCasino offer live baccarat?


Live baccarat is the same as playing with the computer online except that you can watch the dealer and interact. Some people prefer to watch the actual dealing of the hand and that is a reality with live baccarat. The game is the same and that means you have a real chance to win money.


Baccarat is really easy to play and you donít have to know anything. The rules are preset and your only decision is whether to bet on the bankerís hand or the playerís hand. And if you want to get the lowest house edge then you should bet the bankerís hand every time. The house advantage when you bet on the playerís hand is 1.24 percent and when you bet on the bankerís hand it is 1.06 percent.


When you play online baccarat you will be betting two cards with the goal to get as close to nine as possible. Tens and face cards count as zero, with the exception of the ace, which is worth 1. Cards 2 thru 9 are worth their face value. When you have a total that is 10 or more, the first digit is dropped. You donít need to know any of this though because the rules are all predetermined. You can just bet the bankerís hand and hope to go on a winning streak.


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