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Online Gaming Regulation

Will online casinos ever get regulated?


A question on many gamblers' minds is “Will the U.S. government EVER regulate online gambling and stop the banning of payment processors?”


Although many people still remain optimistic, it probably won't happen anytime this year. If you're in the business, you can only hope and pray for regulations, but until that day gets here, diehard gamblers will still find a way to fund their favorite casino, poker room or bingo hall.


The downside of all of this is that many rogue sites will start popping up to prey on the desperate gambler and therefore, be forewarned about them and don't fall into their traps. They're probably start making too good to be true offers trying to convince you that they can help you deposit. Along with sloppy new gaming sites showing up, new payment processors are doing the same. Before giving your personal information to any site, make sure you check them out and make sure they have backing.


The gaming industry and the players who comprise it have to face the fact that many gaming businesses are dropping out of the U.S. sector and that the internet is now a more dangerous area to place bets. You could be gambling with much more than your money, but more seriously, your personal information. If you're a new player trying to get in the game, make sure you do your research. Read the message boards and sites like this one to get the correct and most update information. – Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses