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There are countless do’s and don’ts when it comes to online casino gambling. What is especially alarming is that many of the most common mistakes are truly the most ignorant and dumb because they are so obvious, or at least should be.


For example, it is foolish to click your way into an online casino and immediately stroll right into the high roller tables. Even if you are a veteran professional gambler it is wise to get the feel for how that particular online casino operates and how to play and wager there. It is simply putting too much pressure on one’s self to fire away with big time bets against other gamblers who are not only whales, but turn into sharks, with their experience matched up against the new comers.


Along those same lines, if you are new to gambling period you will get eaten alive against the pros at online casino tables. For a gambling novice that lacks BOTH Street and online casino experience to play with the high rollers is a death wish for a bankroll.


Lack of experience at online casino gambling also makes it rather insane to attempt to “multi-task” and wager on several different games and tables at the same time. Leave the playing of multiple poker tables and slots to the experts that have been around for a while.


To survive the fast pace of online casino gambling, it is best to enter sober and realistic and most of all, patient! The more reckless a gambler dives in the more quickly he will be broke. – Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses