Americans Bypassing Gambling Ban Through Canada

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More U.S. States Looking to Legalize Online Casino Gambling


The ability to play online casino games in the United States still focuses on online sites that are outside of the country. That may change as more U.S. states are looking at fixing that problem.


Nevada legalized online poker back in February and there are now sites that residents can play on legally in the state of Nevada. Other states are not far behind Nevada as New Jersey and Delaware have already approved online gambling with California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Texas working on legalizing it as well.


There has not been a change at the Federal level in the United States but individual states are now bypassing the U.S. government and doing things on their own.


What the addition of more states legalizes only gambling means to bettors is that there will be more places they can play. It is starting with online poker but there is no doubt that other casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. will not be far behind. Any time that gamblers have more choices for their online gambling it is a good thing because competition means more bonuses, more perks, better odds and more choices. And the expansion of online gambling on the state level in the United States means good news for online gamblers down the road. Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses