Americans Bypassing Gambling Ban Through Canada

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No Place for Emotion at Online Casinos


There are countless dynamics that go into the success or failure a player at online casino gambling. One of the most interesting dynamics of all is how players with lesser ability and expertise will outperform and make more money than other players who have more knowledge and expertise at whatever game is being played. And the reason for that is the ability to control emotions.


When it comes to online gambling, emotion must be checked with your coat at the door. It simply cannot enter an online casino gambling website. There are countless bankrolls that have been busted for players who had all of the expertise and knowledge in the world but simply could not contain their emotions, especially when chasing losses.


Going on “tilt” after a tough loss on a high percentage play is the equivalent to a temper tantrum and trumps reason and logic as well as the ability to calculate odds and manage a bankroll. The most knowledgeable players in the world will often destroy themselves on a binge of low percentage bad bets all in the cause of chasing a loss.


Other follies such as betting on favorite colors or numbers or on feelings and hunches are certain ways to blow a bankroll in short order.


If you are respecting the mathematical fundamentals of the odds and making plays based on the logic of the odds rather than on raw emotion you will quickly set yourself apart from the crowd and maximize your chance to end up on the plus side. – Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses