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Stretching Your Dollars at the Online Casino


How do you stretch your dollars when playing money at the online casino? It is a question that many people donít even think about but it is a question that is extremely important. The longer you stretch your bankroll, the better your chances of winning money. Letís look at some things you can do to stretch your dollars.


If you want to stretch your money then you probably want to avoid playing progressive machines. They are great to play if you have a big bankroll because you can hit a big score but if you are trying to stretch your money then they are a bad bet because the typical payback is smaller.


Another thing you can to do stretch you money is to join the online casino rewards club. This club can have many names from a slots club to a VIP program or simply a rewards program. Anytime you can get free money or free play you need to take it.


The last tip to stretching your money is to avoid bad bets at the online casino. Forget about playing the tie in baccarat, avoid all of the craps bets except pass, donít pass, come and donít come, donít take insurance when playing blackjack, avoid playing roulette unless you have enough of a bankroll and try playing baccarat as it is a great game for the player because it has a low house edge.


Keep these things in mind and you can stretch your dollars at the online casino. Ė Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses