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More Regulation Equals More Online Gaming Growth?


In a study that may come as a surprise to many it has been determined that an increase in regulation of the online gambling industry would help rather than hurt its ability to grow.
The survey came as a surprise to many as online gambling has a strong libertarian flavor and streak to it and its culture. When the United States passed laws that made it far more difficult for citizens to move money to and from online casinos they Republican Party lost control of the House of Representatives and Senate as a result.


The most recent study and survey of Americans and online gambling shows that 9% of the citizens in the USA admitted to gambling at least once online during the past year and that number would increase to 13% if there was more regulation of the industry.


Another interesting twist of the survey shows that a surprising 55% majority would support the states rather than the federal government having the supreme regulatory control of the industry.


Legalized online gambling has been a hot topic of debate in American political circles with the Republicans generally being against it. With the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives it will be difficult to pass any bills legalizing online gambling in the future months.


A majority of American citizens still believe that it is illegal to gamble online which is factually not true but that is based on the recent crackdowns by the Justice Department on the way money is transferred by online casinos and players. Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses