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Negative vs. Positive Progression Betting


Ever since gambling began there have been countless theories and systems that have been deployed in the eternal attempt to “beat the house.” Many of these betting systems can come down to money management and betting techniques. Two of the most popular betting systems are the regression and progression systems.


A negative or regression betting system is one in which a gambler will bet less when he wins and more when he loses. For example, after a win the gambler will set aside a portion of those winnings in order to protect them from future loss and he will instead bet with his original bankroll and often times with lesser amounts than what he began with before he won.


The progression betting system, on the other hand, is where a gambler will increase his bets while winning. In essence this is where a gambler is playing with the house’s money, so to speak. On the other hand when the gambler begins to encounter a losing streak he will decrease his wager amounts when using the progression system.


Both the regression and progression betting systems have plenty of true believers. They each have a particular strength but also come with risks.
While the regression system protects winnings it also prevents maximizing future wins or hot streaks.


The progression theory is great for a hot streak but does not protect profit and is a far more aggressive way to play and leaves a gambler exposed to potential problems. While it is important to protect hard earned profits online casino gambling is just that; gambling, and with that comes the understanding that you have to at times “man up” and make a more aggressive move.


The best gamblers will find a perfect “fine line” and merge the two systems together for success.

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