Americans Bypassing Gambling Ban Through Canada

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Online Casino Industry Continued Growth in 2010


Despite the sluggish worldwide recession that shows no signs of improvement as governments are drowning in red ink and unemployment remains high the online casino gambling industry again showed double digit growth for the past year.


Online casinos saw an increase of 12.5% in revenue from 2009 to 2010 as the recession has actually served to benefit the industry as it fits the needs of the gaming client perfectly in these hard times.


Gamblers are watching their money carefully far more now than ever before and they have found that they are going to get far more bang for their buck at an online casino gambling website.


As airfares increase, along with the hassle of ever increasingly intrusive searches before getting on a plane, and with hotel rates remaining sky high in Las Vegas and other tourist Mecca’s, online gambling is proving to be an outstanding value that simply makes more sense in these economic times.


Another big reason for the increase in online gambling revenue has to do with governments throwing in the towel of opposition to the industry and instead passing laws that make it easier for their citizens to participate but also easier for governments to get a slice of the action in order to try and balance their budgets. Online gambling is one of the few industries showing any growth during the recession and cash strapped governments are all of a sudden deciding that if you can’t beat the industry it is better to join it and get a cut of the action.


While Las Vegas and Atlantic City continue to struggle at a rebound the online casino industry is poised for another leap in 2011. – Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses