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Three Card 2nd Chance at the Online Casino


Some online casinos offer the game Three Card 2nd Chance. It is a three card poker game that has a lower house edge than the regular three card poker game. Letís look at Three Card 2nd Chance at the online casino.


Three Card 2nd Chance begins with players placing an ante bet. The player gets three cards and can either keep his hand or discard his hand and get another one. If the player discards his hand then he has to double his bet. The dealer then reveals his hand and if the dealer has a queen high or less the dealer gets a replacement hand. The final hands are then revealed and compared and scored. If the dealer wins then the player loses his bets, if they tie the bets are refunded. If the player wins then he gets payouts according to a table.


A straight flush is paid at 6-1, 3 of a kind is paid at 4-1, a straight is 3-2 while other hands are paid out at even money.


There is also a Best Hand Sidebet option in Three Card 2nd Chance. While it does cost another 2x bet to make this sidebet it is a good choice because it reduces the overall house edge. Many players wonít take this choice which means the house edge for the game is about 4%. That edge is reduced to less than 2% when players choose to make this Best Hand Sidebet.


The best strategy when playing Three Card 2nd Chance at the online casino is to stand on AK3 or better and to take a replacement hand on AK2 or worse. Ė Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses