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Controlling Your Speed at the Online Casino


Do you know what one of the best ways to win more money at the online casino is? It is not a special system or certain games that have lower house edges. The secret is to slow down the process. What does that mean?


In the long run the house is going to win because every casino game has a house edge. Some of the games have a lower house edge than others but those numbers are deceiving. You might have a game with a house edge of 2.5% but you are playing so many hands or spins that you lose more money than you would playing a different game.


It is all about the speed of the game. The faster you play at the online casino the more money you are going to lose. The best way to win more money at the online casino is to slow down the game. Look for games where you make fewer bets and where the game takes longer. The game of roulette is one where the house edge is higher than in a game like blackjack but you there are far fewer spins in roulette than blackjack hands, especially if you are playing multi-player roulette. You might be able to slow down blackjack if you can find multi-player blackjack where more hands have to be dealt per round. The same rationale applies to craps, baccarat and other online casino games.


The goals at the online casino are to enjoy yourself and to win money. You will increase your chances of doing both if you can slow down the game you are playing. Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses