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Vegas Three Card Rummy at the Online Casino


One of the exciting games you can play at the online casino is Vegas Three Card Rummy. It is a game based on Gin Rummy where low scores are the best. Letís take a look at this game that can be played at InterCasino.


Vegas Three Card Rummy uses a normal 52-card deck and cards are ranked normally except that aces are always low. Your goal as a player is to have fewer points than the dealer.


Play begins by making an ante bet plus an optional bonus bet. The player and the dealer get three cards each. The dealerís cards are dealt face down. Aces are 1 points, 2 to 10 count as their face value and face cards are 10 points. If you have a pair, three of a kind or suited cards - two or three in a run then they are worth zero points. After the deal the player has a choice of raising or folding. With a raise an additional bet equal to the ante is made. The dealer then turns over his cards and he must have 20 points or less to qualify. If he doesnít qualify then the ante bets pay off at even money and raise bets are a push. If the dealer qualifies then the hands are compared and the lower total wins. If the player wins then the ante pays even money but the raise bet pays according to a specific table with a point total of zero paying 4 to 1, a point total of 1 to 5 paying 2 to 1 while anything 6 or more is paid at even money. If the player loses then the ante and raise bets lose. There is also a pay table for the bonus bet.


The optimal strategy has you folding if you have 21 points or more while if you have 20 points or less you should raise. Ė Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses