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It can be argued that there is no greater weapon in online casino gambling than realism. With realism comes its twin brother, discipline. And with realism and discipline comes that rare product that few gamblers ever hope to see; PROFIT.


Most online gamblers are losers even before they sign up at an online casino gambling website. That is because they go in with wild and unreasonable expectations, if they have any expectations at all.


For many online gamblers, an online casino is the ultimate get rich quick scheme, which means itís the ultimate suckerís den in which they will get devoured in short order. These ignorant imbeciles actually think that they can click right into an online casino and hit a few hot streaks and get rich. They actually really believe that. Then there are those who donít even have a vision, who are just at an online casino gambling website to ďjack aroundĒ or to have an ďactionĒ fix. Either way itís a way to be doomed before you even start.


If you enter an online casino knowing that the hard fundamentals and the math is stacked against you, and that the online casino does not operate and function because people can win, then you are at least starting off on the right foot and just might have a chance to survive, and perhaps even thrive. The only way a gambler has any chance at all of showing a profit at an online casino is to understand that itís next to impossible to pull off.


Posted: Oct 2, 2008 Ė Your portal to all the best online casinos with the biggest bonuses