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Bankroll money management is, by far, the most important component towards success at online casino gambling. No matter what level of expertise you may have at online casino gambling, and towards a particular game or group of games, if you do not properly manage your gambling bankroll your knowledge is not only worthless, but potentially dangerous and detrimental as it can lead you into a false sense of security when making wagers.


When preparing for online casino gambling, you must first prepare and organize your gambling bankroll. First of all, to properly prepare your bankroll for online casino gambling, you should clearly organize your goals of where you want to end up at the end of a particular day, week, month or year.


Most professional gamblers recommend a money management plan that is based on the longest possible time frame. Gamblers that do day-to-day money management are far more likely to stray from the plan, panic, and be bankrupt than are gamblers that wager based on, AT THE BARE MINIMUM, a monthly basis.


A gambler that has a projection set a month ahead, if not more, will likely keep a far more sober view and not get emotional and go on “tilt” during tough times.


After breaking the bankroll down into monthly segments you should next break it down into weekly, daily, and then into segments for a day. All of this leads into a loss limit. After a particular segment of online casino gambling in which you have reached the loss limit for the segment, you must learn to quit and walk away to fight again another day.


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